Do Your Advisor’s Priorities Line Up With Your Financial Goals?

It is important for financial advisors to fully understand the goals and desires of their clients if they wish to provide the best service possible. A recent survey from Investing Media Solutions suggests that this isn’t really the case across the board. The survey revealed that what the majority of affluent investors want most out of their financial strategies isn’t necessarily the same as what their advisors are prioritizing

In fact, the discrepancy is rather substantial.

IMS’s survey shows that 74% of financial advisors put wealth preservation and risk management at the top of their to-do list, while 54% of investors said that they prioritize financial growth over other investment goals.

Here at Profectus Financial, we take the proper steps to ensure that we fully acknowledge and understand your financial goals.

Your priorities are our priorities. Lets start the conversation.

(Source: ThinkAdvisor)

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