Mortgage/Real Estate

Achieve the American Dream

For many people, having a debt-free, comfortable home/or investment property is the American Dream come true. While Profectus Financial doesn’t offer direct services in mortgage and real estate, we believe that mortgage payment and other real estate transactions are crucial components to financial stability. This is why we have established a partner referral program with some of the best professionals in the industry. Due to our thorough nature of our fact-finding system during regular client meetings, your mortgage and real estate related matters are included in our analysis of your current financial situation. With this data, our partners can discuss with you whether it would make financial sense for you to pay down your mortgage, take out a line of credit, or buy/sell property, and subsequently refer you to the top service providers and resources for managing your home. Though we may not be fully involved with the process, Profectus Financial hopes to save you time and energy by presenting you with a roster of highly acclaimed industry experts for handling your real estate purchasing and financing needs, getting you one step closer to achieving that American Dream.