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Success is more than just personal growth,
it's achieving the ability to affect growth in others.

At Profectus Financial, we leverage our experience in the financial industry to help CPAs and other financial advisers build a stronger book of services and a more qualified client base.

With Advanced Planning and other atypical financial services in your repertoire, you can bring more value to your clients and open doors to additional business opportunities.

We're experts in tax-saving strategies, and have been featured in industry publications like and MDRT Magazine. We want to work with you.

We offer more than just insight and support for our business-driving products. Working with us gives you access to our marketing division, assistance with presentations and other specimen documents, as well as full-serivce business consultation.

If you're interested in how we can boost your business and production, reach out to us. The process of working with us is simple.

Identify your top 5 ideal business owner prospects within your existing book of clients and discuss with us their potential tax savings.


Schedule a call/meeting with all parties: you, the client, and Profectus. Collect any additional relevant documents/information for review.

Submit all documents to Profectus, then book and attend a joint presentation meeting, either in person or conference call.

Book and attend strategies’ implementation/engagement meeting.

Communicate regularly with the client throughout processing/underwriting.

Product Is Key

Benefiting on advanced tax saving and investment products could be the difference between a good year and a great year. We're here to make sure your clients and potential clients are educated on these complicated strategies so they can confidently ask you for these services.



The Advanced Qualified Plan Model is a strategy in which we focus on utilizing pre-tax pension and retirement accounts that are used to fund investments and insurance products with pre-tax income. Help your clients build their assets by converting their tax dollars into retirement wealth.

  • Average Tax Dollars Saved (in millions)



Alternative investments are used to diversify your portfolio with investments independent of market volatility. They are often designed as private placements and offer attractive yields, averaging 8% to 15% per year with strong collateral in place.

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Cash
  • Other

By introducing Alternative Investments into this portfolio (included in “Other”), we were able to decrease its risk factor and increase its potential annual returns by 2%.

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