Meet the Founders

Something about our partners and co-founders.


Aleksander Dyo

Aleks is a serial entrepreneur and active investor with
a specialty in working with business owners.

Kelly Woo

Kelly is a Certified Financial Planner™ who was featured in
MDRT magazine for her outstanding success in financial services.

What We Do

We focus our services around the unique needs of small business owners.
As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a distinct advantage to help you grow your success.

Our team of experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, actuaries and estate planning attorneys specialize in advanced business planning, and harbor an earnest desire to see you keep the money you’ve earned. By utilizing adequate techniques, such as pension plans and ESOPs, we can help you effectively minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your yearly savings.

Average Tax Reductions 82%
Increase in Retirement Contributions 79%
Something Else 70%

A Quick Look

Take a quick glance at our advanced planning model for a better understanding of
how our tax-saving strategy can help you boost your overall wealth.