Stop owing. Start saving.

With advanced planning strategies, we can help you decrease tax liabilities and
increase your overall wealth so you can enjoy a retirement free of financial worry.

Our methods have helped business owners enjoy reduced tax burdens and greater overall wealth. We want you to enjoy the same.
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  • Whether you already have a tax-saving plan in place or not, take advantage of this complimentary consultation to see how much more you can save.
  • We help you implement or upgrade your plan to reduce tax liabilities by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • This option is an IRS favorable deduction that isn’t an expense, but a contribution to your savings.
  • We can work with your CPA/accountant to ensure that the plan perfectly fits your needs.
Pay less in taxes, contribute more to your retirement wealth, protect your assets with a bulletproof plan.

Sign up now for a complimentary financial consultation. It’s easy, and requires zero commitment from you. In just ten minutes on the phone with you or your CPA, we can provide you with an estimate of your potential tax savings.

If you’ve run out of options for reducing your tax liabilities, or are currently without a retirement plan, we can help you.

For some business owners, standard defined benefit or retirement plans just don’t do enough to reduce income taxes and build wealth. If you’re one of those business owners, we encourage you to explore Advanced Planning options. We’re experts in this strategy, and have helped hundreds of business owners reduce their tax liabilities even further.

Our advanced planning model can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes, and in qualifying cases, up to two million. This money is diverted into a retirement portfolio on a pre-tax basis in quantities that standard plans just can’t accommodate. Better yet, this model is fully IRS compliant and supports investment options such as insured savings accounts and real estate holdings.

Whether you do or don’t have tax-saving methods already in place, we can work with you and your CPA to further alleviate your tax burdens, secure your assets, and build a larger retirement portfolio.