Advanced Qualified Plan Model

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Here’s a video on Advanced Planning designed specifically for client-facing purposes.

Q4 is here, which makes now the best time for adding to your list of services with the Advanced Qualified Plan Model. This model specifically targets small business owners and allows you to create custom solutions that saves them tax dollars and fits their long term financial needs.  Our Internal Revenue Code favorable calculations involve sophisticated, customized formulas that are more robust than conventional options available on the market.  High tax bracket small business owners could be setting aside hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax deductible contributions, which allows their accumulative wealth to grow substantially.

Due to their expertise in advanced tax saving strategies and other financial planning, our partners have been featured in substantial editorials such as and MDRT Magazine.  Below are some key tools and features of their Advanced Qualified Plan Model:

  • Post-PPA 2006 IRS Permissible Combo Plans
  • Trifecta benefit of 401(h) account
    • Tax Deductible Contributions
    • Tax Exempt Earnings
    • Tax Free Payout
  • Pre-COLA account to increase contributions
  • Buy/Sell and Stock Redemption

Out of the 1,500+ plans installed, none have ever been disqualified. Our methods are specifically calculated to ensure smooth management of clients’ tax needs and in most cases, allow business owners to receive 92%+ of their entire contribution. In addition to the actual system, our partners use real world case studies that help you learn our Advanced Qualified Plan Model and provide direct support with presenting the plan to qualified clients.

If you have business owner clients, we encourage you to attend this live presentation so you can consider how these tax-saving strategies might positively affect both your clients and your business.

For your reference, here’s a quick look at the webinar material.

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