The Profectus Way

Advanced Planning is a unique tool that goes above and beyond the sales of life and annuity products.
It allows agents and financial advisers to build a strategy that addresses the complexity of each individual client’s needs. 

We here at Profectus Financial are in the business of helping clients build a better future for themselves that is simply not possible with standard single-product solutions. Rather than offering a one time solution, we focus on building long lasting relationships with both advisers and clients. Our goal is to facilitate these lifetime relationships, and as such, function as reliable sources of information and services for our clients.

There are a multitude of Advanced Planning strategies. The strategy addressed below allows you to offer tax liability reduction and bolster growth in the retirement portfolio of business owners. Business owners can claim significant tax deductions, grow their wealth in a tax deferred environment, and protect their assets.

(Profectus Financial is the retail branch of Gideon Advisers)

A Quick Look

The following video provides a glance of how Advanced Planning works,
and how you can apply it to your business owner clients.